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Our Story

Rad originated initially with the motto “Ride All Day”. To us that meant dirt-bikes, mountain bikes, street machines, snow, surf, sand etc. It really didn’t matter ‘what’ we were riding, it was just all about the ride.

What we almost immediately realized however, was that rad means far more than that. Everyone has their own concept of what’s RAD and it’s not up to us to define what it should mean to you.

When it all began, we were looking to make comfortable, presentable and quality clothes to wear when living the life we love - doing the things we adore.

Now our aspiration is to create a brand that fits any lifestyle. We want to supply you with apparel and gear that you can use to do what you love.

Our goal is to build a company that you’ll proudly rep like it’s a part of your DNA. Our mission for the highest quality will never be compromised; and our challenge to you is to find out what RAD means to you and live life - RAD!